What our Clients Say!

As an Apple user, I was looking for something withing the Apple family. Just like any other great Apple product, I can make the most of my devices.

Olivier Vrambout | CEO & Founder - LeToile du Nord Cafe

What our Clients Say!

No , kidding! I love the idea of adding in-store notifications on the customer app when my customer arrives at my store!

Jon Hunt | CEO & Founder - Sparks Restaurant

What our Clients Say!

I really like the simplicity of it.

Suzanne Weinstein | CEO & Founder - Coastal Seafoods

What our Clients Say!

It is the new go-to in POS

Sam Bonin | CEO & Founder - Eat Street Social

Core Features and Benefits!

  • iPad Point of Sale System.
  • Real Time Sales & Inventory Reports.
  • Accept mobile wallet payments (Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal etc.)
  • Integrate with peripherals such as cash drawers, bar code scanners and printers.
  • Integrate with other modules: Customer Apps, HR, Employee and more!
  • Cost-Guaranteed Merchant Processing.
  • Intuitive User Interface=Fast Training.
  • Real Time Sales & Inventory Reports.
  • Tech Support via text, e-mail , or phone.

Not just a POS, Global Storm is a fully integrated system!

including some great FREE Stuff!!!

Graphic Logo

We'll go and take your existing graphic logo and make it fit for your POS and all apps. We feel branding is good on all levels.

Customer App on App Store (FREE!)
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For a limited time (Summer 2015), we are offering our new Global Storm subscribers a FREE customer app, branded for their company, published to the app store for 12 months. (Regular price is $99/month…that’s like a $1,200 savings!) Where else can you get a mobile app for your business for FREE?? Time to sign up.

Try it! (FREE!)

We have a free version of the POS for running cash-only transactions. This will give you time to create and populate your database, and become familiar with the process and UI. If you decide you’d like to upgrade to a paid subscription with additional features, you can do a simple in-app purchase, and you are all set (you won’t lose any data that you populated in your trial version…..so have no fear of losing your work!). Of course, we are here to see you set for success, so feel free to get in touch at anytime, and we can help get you going.

Custom Development (From $99)
Site Setup

While our products are designed and intended to be for the plug-and-play user, if you need a customization, we have that covered! If there is a feature that you want for your business, let us know. We can customize Global Storm for you! We can provide a bid for you within 24 hours, and you can decide.

Data Transfer (From $99)
Content Transfer

We’ll review your current system, and business requirements and provide you with an itemize proposal outlining the benefits, transition plan, and the ROI Global Storm could bring to your business today.

Have a Question? Call Us!
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Want a quote before you purchase? Call us if you have questions about our products or services...


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Mobile Wallet payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet are on the rise. With the recent launch of the Apple Watch, experts predict the adoption of mobile wallets will significantly increase by 2016.. Businesses will need to update their Point-of-Sale systems to accept mobile wallets in order to stay relevant with their customers:

  • Of smartphone owners surveyed, 80% said they believe that the smartphone will become a replacement for their entire wallet or purse by 2020. 55% said they would also like their smartphones to save their receipts, with 72% desiring a function to disable payment functionality remotely, in case their phone gets lost.
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Have you heard this? All businesses must update their POS by October 1, 2015 to be EMV compliant. EMV is a chip embedded in the credit card that is a security update and is being required by Visa and Mastercard to be used by October 1 of THIS YEAR. If you haven’t updated your POS in the past 2 years, there’s a good chance you are NOT compliant, and will pay the price this fall. Get in touch today and we can remedy this issue very quickly (even if you opt not to upgrade to Global Storm POS). We’re here to help!

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In the last year more merchants have tried in-store marketing solutions such as beacons to localize and personalize marketing messages, and to optimize inventory effeciencies.

It is also expected that platforms such as social media and mobile will play bigger roles in people's shopping experiences. The same goes for mobile. Companies won’t just use the small screen to “get in front” of customers (i.e. through geo-fencing and mobile-enabled sites). In 2015, retailers will step up their efforts by incorporating mobile into other parts of the customer journey, including order fulfillment, payments, and loyalty.

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Whether you are a retail store, remote site sales, or restaurant, reliable and secure connectivity is a must. Global Storm uses CradlePoint 3G/4G routers allow you to share your mobile broadband connection to all of your network applications with a secure single-box solution.

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  • Improve process and efficiency with labor, inventory and supplies
  • Upcoming EMV mandatory security updates for credit card readers
  • Increase customer demand for mobile wallet payment acceptance
  • Smarter, Real-Time Reports
  • Powerful mobile marketing tool with Customer Apps
  • Real-time pricing, inventory and menu updates
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No matter what your business, efficiently managing your inventory is essential to running a profitable business. Every business owner wants to procure inventory “just in time” and “just enough” to eliminate assets being tied up, or worse yet…waste. Global Storm has partnered with Insight that leverages the data behind your sales, and tracks your current inventory levels. It provides you with a clear line of sight of what you have, and what you sold, and what needs to be ordered. Our inventory management tool gives predictive forecasts of what you will need based on historical sales data, so you can take advantage of buying enough when you need it. It’s all in the palm of your hand, and ready for you to start managing your inventory smarter.

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Mobile is everywhere! And consumers love it! Did you know that the average person is never more than 2’ from their cell phone? Did you know that most people check their Facebook updates within 30 seconds of waking up? If your business is not part of the mobile world, it’s time you enter now (or be prepared to go the way of the dodo birds). Global Storm can help mobilize your business by:

  • Mobile Point-of –Sale: bring the cash register and sales transaction to your customer
  • Mobile Marketing: Push notifications and specials to your customers
  • E Marketing: Send e-coupons and messages to your growing customer e-mail base
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More and more our staff is looking to their mobile devices for everything. Why not make scheduling their shifts part of this world? With Global Storms integrated HR/Employee module, employees can view their schedules, request time off, and trade shifts all from their mobile devices. This makes schedule communication a breeze. (#noexcuses). Plus, as a business manager, you will then be able to run labor reports along with sales reports to see how well your labor rate and sales are correlated. Whoa……feel the power!

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Using real-time inventory tracking, changing the location of an item is easier than ever. See up-to-date reporting on all items anywhere you are. Set-up notifications to remind you to order something that is running low.

Industry Experts Say:

"The current retail marketplace is precarious for companies that aren’t already considering an integrated mobile experience outside the shopping lane. A recent Forrester Research report predicts a rapidly approaching mobile explosion: if their prediction is correct, one billion consumers will have smartphones by 2016."

– Forester Research

"Multi-system integration with applications is important to top retailers. Forty-two percent of respondents named POS integration with other applications as a key priority as well as the implementation of dynamic marketing content through mobile devices (29%)."

– Forester Research

"The interest in POS mobility makes sense when you consider that retailers often desire to know more about their customers, but don’t want to have them wait in longer checkout lines just to acquire this data."

– Forester Research

"The ability to collect customer data and store it in a CRM (64%), cross-selling and up-selling (60%), and payment processing (60%) were named key target areas that companies pursuing mobile POS integration prioritize."

– Aspen Ridge Research

"State-of-the-art POS ensures memorable and favorable customer experiences. Every point of human, digitally interactive in-store contact can be leveraged to meet customer’s current and perceived ongoing needs."

– Forester Research

"A store system mobile-POS also dramatically reduces checkout counter footprint costs vs. a dedicated POS, and eases holiday shopping bottlenecks. Customers benefit and additional profitability is made possible."

– Aspen Ridge Research